Pioneering hybrid drugs

Integrating digital molecules for better outcomes

A novel line of hybrid drugs, integrating proven digital interventions, that target neuro-immune processes to enhance drug effectiveness

The Digital molecule

Digital interventions targeting brain connectivity and immune biomarkers

Non-invasive cognitive psychological and behavioral interventions, applying principles of multi-sensory integration, sensory deprivation and sensory substitution.

Validated in clinical trials

Using fMRi imaging we have shown connectivity improvements in brain areas related to memory, spatial navigation, motor control and emotional control. Trial participants also exhibited reduction in IL-18 and IL-17 levels in blood and saliva samples.

Hybrid drugs are a new exclusive pharma asset

Combining software with drugs to create a new SaMD - Drug combination. Hybrid drugs offer a new world of data, and personalization opportunities.

Redefining combination therapy

Many diseases are better treated by combining drugs with non-pharmacological interventions. Remepy’s vision is to make such combinations standardized, accessible and personalized at scale with the use of our digital molecules.

The hybrid drug experience

With each hybrid drug prescription, patients receive access to a therapeutic app, with interventions tailored to the drug treatment. The interventions include cognitive, psychological, and behavioral interventions that trigger MOAs that are synergistic with each drug. The app provides a digital treatment protocol with daily interventions. The app also checks-in with the patient frequently and adapts treatment based on patient feedback, activity, and progress. 

"It is now widely acknowledged that a healthy brain is dependent on the immune system and that between the two systems there is a bidirectional relationship. I was excited by the potential of Remepy's technology to enhance these relationships through their non-invasive digital tools."

Professor Michal Schwartz
Professor of Neuroimmunology at the Weizmann Institute of Science

"As a physician and drug developer, it is fascinating for me to see Remepy’s clinical data, which shows how Remepy’s unique non-invasive digital interventions can modulate the immune system, make significant changes to brain plasticity, and drive behavioral changes."

Dr. Danny Bar Zohar
Global Head of Research & Development and Chief Medical Officer at Merck

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