Our vision is to bring to market hybrid drugs that integrate our digital molecules with traditional drugs and improve them

Hybrid drugs are new proprietary pharma assets, that combine software with drugs to create SaMD - Drug combinations. Our digital interventions target main disease endpoints as well as comorbidities and side effects. Combining therapeutic software interventions with pharmacological treatment facilitates personalized treatment at scale, based on real world data.

Developing a hybrid drug

Our digital molecules are designed to trigger synergistic mechanisms of action that are not supported by stand-alone drugs. We target diseases, where meaningful changes to brain connectivity, changes to the immune system and behavioral changes are synergistic with drug effects.

Non-invasive visual, auditory and tactile stimulation

We develop evidence based non-invasive cognitive, psychological, and behavioral interventions that follow principles of sensory integration, sensory substitution and sensory deprivation. Our interventions target:

Spatial navigation

Motor control

Sensorimotor control

Memory control

Emotion regulation

Vestibular control

We are always looking to expand the usage of the Digital molecule to address different conditions. Interested in partnering?

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