Digital molecule

Remepy’s Digital molecules are mobile applications designed for hybrid drug experiences, each containing a unique digital treatment protocol. Our Digital molecules include digitized, standardized, evidence-based interventions, designed to enhance brain plasticity and connectivity, balance the immune system, and drive behavioral changes. We address disease end-points as well as side-effects and disease comorbidities.

Non-invasive visual, auditory and tactile stimulation

We develop evidence based non-invasive cognitive, psychological, and behavioral interventions that follow principles of sensory integration, sensory substitution and sensory deprivation. Our interventions target:

Spatial navigation

Motor control

Sensorimotor control

Memory control

Emotion regulation

Vestibular control

Digital Mechanisms of Action

Our interventions trigger unique mechanisms of action demonstrated in our clinical trials using fMRI imaging, blood and saliva samples, and standardized questionnaires. We directly impact brain activity and structure, and have a downstream effect on the neuro-endocrine and neuro-immunological systems. The digital MOA works synergistically with the drug’s MOA, creating a new pharmaceutical asset, with a Hybrid MOA™.

Optimizing Brain Connectivity

Contrary to common belief, our brain maintains its plasticity in adulthood. Enriched multisensory environments can optimize neural structure and function, improve memory, motor, emotional and cognitive functioning.

Balancing the Immune System

Chronic stress causes neuroendocrine imbalance, activating the Sympathetic Nervous System and Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal axis, negatively impacting the immune system. This has a reciprocal influence on the brain - with systemic neuroinflammation accelerating brain neurodegeneration. Psychological and cognitive interventions target these mechanisms by positively impacting immune system function.


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Partnering with pharma to deliver hybrid drugs

Remepy is targeting diseases where meaningful changes to brain connectivity, changes to the immune system and behavioral changes are synergistic with drug effects. We are targeting neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and degenerative eye diseases.